Claudia Vidya Renner

Born in 1968 in Germany, where I also grew up, Iam a mother of 2 adult children. Since I was 20 years old, the topic of „ Health“ has played an important role in my life. My holistic focus is on healthy nutrition, naturopathic treatments, natural cosmetics and holistic thinking and feeling.

This blessed foundation enabled me to work as a successful natural beautician in my own cosmetic studio „Kleeblatt“ for more than 20 years and to offer my patients a lot of positive support as a holistic body masseuse.

On this valuable path of life I met wonderful and  wholesome people and I expierenced by myself extraordinary healing treatments, which have touched me deeply in my body, mind and soul.

It‘s a unique present to expierence this liberation , to let go of old constraints and fears, to feel new energy and healthy joie de vivre. This  I would like to pass on…

… wtith the wonderful Impulse-Energy-Massages and
… with the authentic Bali – EmotionalExperienceJourney


Never try, never know

        Balinese saying


My Vision

In  silence I have found myself and realised, that my heart and soul long for inner true values.

In the beginning of 2018 my curiosity, my desire for change and my longing for inner peace led me to Bali. There I learned in an authentic Balinese way what it means to “live in the heart”. Through a “happy coincidence” I got to know “my” Balinese family, where I live during my stays. The lived mutual appreciation and love, as well as the mindful contact with “everyone and everything”, touched me deeply.

The grandfather, the head of the family, is a Hindu priest and initiates me with much love and patience into different rituals. He also gave me my Balinese name VIDYA, which means wisdom and old knowledge. The experiences I have gained, the wonderful , blessed encounters fill me with great gratitude. You are invited to be a great friend on this blessed path of life.

…to share my vision, the inside wisdom, the experiences of Bali with like-minded people.

I intend to be on Bali twice a year for about two months and offer there my special “EmotionExperienceTravels”.

It must come from the heart, what should work on the heart.

Freely after Goethe